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Marathon Indonesia

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Marathon rescheduled because of volcano eruption

Indonesia's Mount Agung volcano erupts as fishermen pull a boat onto the beach in Amed, Bali, Indonesia, November 26, 2017. REUTERS/Petra Simkova

The Lombok Marathon in West Nusa Tenggara province on Lombok Island Indonesia, is rescheduled from Dec 3 to Jan 28, 2018, as a result of the massive eruption by the Mount Agung volcano on neighboring Bali.

Andy Hadianto, chairman of the provincial national sport committee (KONI), said that "due to the eruption of Mount Agung, the Lombok Marathon must be delayed."

The eruption of the Mount Agung is disturbing flights and affected arrivals of foreign participants into the Indonesian province.

Most overseas participants were scheduled to arrive at Denpasar Airport on Bali before travelling on to Lombok.

Among those confirming their participation are the United States, Japan, Thailand, France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Timor Leste, the Philippines, Portugal, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Earlier this year, Lombok hosted the brutal Rinjani 100 Ultramarathon‚ÄĚthat attracted 497 participants from all over the world. Only 4 people managed to finish in over 33 hours of running, jogging, climbing and walking in sometimes steep and unhospitable terrain. The Frenchman Emmanuel Abadie ended at third position after runners of Indonesia and China.