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Athletics Athletics World Championships 2015 Beijing Sport Kenya Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Rutherford, Rudisha, Bolt and Gatlin shine on day four of the Beijing World Athletics Championship

Usain Bolt of Jamaica competes at the start of the men's 200 metres heats during the World Championships in Beijing on 25 August Reuters/Phil Noble

The crowd cheers the Chinese, Rutherford disproves the ridicule, David’s the daddy on the track and off, Bosnia wins bronze and Bolt and Gatlin are back on day four of the Beijing World Athletics Championship.

  • The locals support their men

Three Chinese men were vying for glory in the men’s long jump on day four. Their run-ups were roared and they were cheered as they sailed through the air and landed in a bump of sand. There were some prodigious leaps but sadly all foul. Greg Rutherford from Britain won the competition.

  • The locals should support their man

There was a brilliant interview with Rutherford in The Guardian just before the world

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championships. He told interviewer Donald McRae how difficult it was to get decent funding from the various athletics bodies in Britain and how he was ridiculed on social media as “lucky” to have won the Olympic gold medal in 2012. When he claimed the Commonwealth Games gold medal and the European crown last summer he tweeted he must be the biggest fluke ever. After winning the world title he might consider conspiracy theories.

  • David, you the daddy

David Rudisha is the daddy of the 800-metres track after winning his second world title on day four. It will go very nicely thanks you with his Olympic crown from 2012 and the medal from Daegu in 2011. But, since setting a world record at the London Olympics, the Kenyan has been beset by injuries during what he described as the worst two years of his time as an athlete. He seems to be returning to his former wondrousness. And he’d better store up some energy because he is about to become a daddy off the track. The 26-year-old said his lady back home was about to give birth. When he does return, the bairn will have a shiny bauble to play with.

  • Big up Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amel Tuka got the bronze in the 800 metres on day four. It was his country’s first medal at the world championships. He said he was happy to get a place on the podium and make history. The 24-year-old is doing well, considering he only took up serious racing six years ago. In comparison David Rudisha had already claimed the world junior title in the 800 metres and reached the semi-finals of the 2009 world championships.

  • And they’re back …

The men’s 200 metres began on day four with the heats. The big dogs went through to the semi-finals scheduled for day six. Defending champion Usain Bolt and the rival he conquered in the 100 metres Justin Gatlin advanced to the next stage. Gatlin in 20.19 seconds and Bolt in 20.28 seconds. We particularly liked the attitude of the South African racer Anaso Jobodwana. He won his heat in 20.22 seconds and the 23-year-old said there were plenty of guys trying their best not to be irrelevant. That there’s fighting talk!