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Israel Jerusalem Housing Settlements

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Who are the Palestinians facing eviction in East Jerusalem?

A general view shows the Dome of the Rock and Jerusalem's Old City December 4, 2017. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun.

Nearly 700 Palestinians in East Jerusalem may soon face house eviction procedures. This after the Israeli High Court rejected their appeal which argued against the method of transfer of ownership of a plot of land to the right-wing settlers group Ateret Cohanim.




Critics say Ateret Cohanim explicitly works to change the demographics of East Jerusalem in favor of a Jewish majority.

The plot of land in question was the site of a Jewish neighbourhood up until 1938, but its inhabitants were removed during the height of a Palestinian revolt against British mandate policies.

Under Israeli law only Jews can reclaim properties lost in the 1948 conflict, but the same law does not apply to Palestinians.

Correspondent Ibrahim Husseini reports from Silwan:

"My kids are not feeling safe [to] go outside to the shop because [of]the guardsman of the settlers because of the clashes that can happen anytime"

Who are the Palestinians facing eviction in East Jerusalem? 12/12/2018 - by Ibrahim Husseini Listen