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Demonstration Islamist Oil Protests

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Opposition member shot down in Yemen clashes

Reuters/Khaled Abdullah

An activist belonging to Yemen’s main Islamist opposition group was killed in a gunfight in the northern part of the country on Tuesday, after fighting broke out with pro-regime loyalists.


Naser Musleh Nasm was shot down in Al-Jawf province, and becomes one of dozens of victims since protests erupted across the country in January.

Security forces and the General People’s Congress, Yemen’s ruling party, have surrounded a government headquarters and threatened to evict protesters that have controlled it since Monday, according to a security official who spoke to the AFP news agency.

On Monday, 20 people were injured when they assaulted the government headquarters in Al-Jawf. The demonstrators were demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has held power for 32 years.

Also on Tuesday, tribal fighters destroyed an oil pipeline in the eastern province of Marib, and blocked the road between the region’s gas fields and the capital, security officials and tribal sources told the AFP.

Yemen's tribes have targeted oil pipelines in the past as a means of protesting central government policy.