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Clyde Wright - over 60 years singing gospel

By Imogen Lamb

At the age of 82, Clyde Wright is the oldest member of The Golden Gate Quartert, and its manager. He joined the the famous gospel group in 1953 . The quartet has brought out a new album Incredible.

Wright grew up in the south of the United States when African-Americans couldn't go to the same schools as whites, use the same public services or eat in the same restaurants.

Music played a major role in his life from a very young age.

He started singing in church at the age of four and joined a group at the age of 17. He played the guitar and piano, but it was his voice that got him noticed, leading to a career which has lasted more than six decades.

Next week, Voices hears more from Clyde Wright: his years with the Golden Gate Quartet, their new album, and an improvised song.

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