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Cyril Hanouna's prank distressing LGBT community

By Clea Broadhurst

International Media looks at the "Attack on the Press 2017", the yearly report published by the Committee to Protect Journalists. But first, here in France, TV presenter Cyril Hanouna's name has been on everyone's lips after an on-air prank in which he humiliated gay men on live television.

Hanouna is not new to scandals - bullying disabled people, humiliating routines,inappropraite - are common on Hanouna's Touche pas à mon poste program.

His show has been the subject of complaints about sexism and homophobia before. We speak to Ingrid Therwath, a journalist for the weekly Courrier International, and a member of the LGBT journalists association about this.

In the second part of our magazine, we go to the CPJ's Attack on the Press report this year revisits journalism's new challenges.

We speak to Courtney Radsch, the CPJ's Advocacy Director who explains how new technologies and new information tools that were supposed to open up and free the Press, are actually being used in a sophisticated way, against the journalists.

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