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Yellow Vests gilets jaunes Police Demonstration Violence

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Yellow Vests Act 28: Paris police chief slams efforts to bypass controls

Didier Lallement: the Paris police chief has warned that unapproved protests will be stopped. GEORGES GOBET / AFP

The chief of police in Paris has condemned calls by some Yellow Vest protestors to organise unauthorised demonstrations on the 28th Saturday of the protest movement.

Saying that the authorities were aware of a movement on social media, calling on gilets jaunes to support undeclared demonstrations, the capital's police chief, Didier Lallement promised that unauthorised protests will be dealt with firmly.

One march has been approved by Paris police for this 28th consecutive weekend of protest. That official demonstration is expected to leave the Père Lachaise cemetery in the north of the city around noon, and end at the Sacré Coeur church, also in northern Paris.

However, calls on social media have asked protestors to gather in several other emblematic points in the city, advising them to avoid carrying anything that would alert police suspicions.

Didier Lallement says his officers are ready to take action, anywhere in Paris.

He believes that the change in strategy by some protest organisers is a reflection of the success with which the forces of order have controlled recent demonstrations.

For the tenth consecutive Saturday, no public gathering will be permitted in the vicinity of the central Champs-Elysées shopping street, nor near the official presidential residence or the French parliament. The area around the fire-damaged Notre Dame cathedral is also closed to groups.