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Yellow Vests Demonstration

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'You can't fool us!': French artists stand up for Yellow Vests

Yellow Vests protest in Paris on 27 April Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP

In a scathing declaration published on Saturday, nearly 1500 professionals from France's cultural world have lent their wholehearted support for the Yellow Vest movement.

On Saturday, left-wing newspaper Liberation published a joint declaration signed by some 1,400 figures from France's cultural milieu in vehement support of the Yellow Vest movement.

The text, titled "Yellow Vests - you can't fool us!" slams the French government and mainstream media's portrayal of the movement.

The Yellow Vests phenomenon is "a movement that the authorities want to discredit and severely repress, while the real violence is economic and social", the declaration affirms, in strong and heartfelt worlds.

Juliette Binoche is one of the leading French artists who support Saturday's joint declaration (File photo: Cannes Film Festival 2010) Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier

'We are the Yellow Vests!'

Featuring internationally reknowned figures like Juliette Binoche and Emmanuel BĂ©art, the declaration wholeheartedly supports the Yellow Vests' cause.

The Yellow Vests "ask for the most basic things", the culture professionals go on to say. "A democratic process that is more direct, justice in social and tax-related issues, and radical measures to combat a climate emergency."

"We are the Yellow Vests", they proudly claim, reiterating their support for the "historic" movement.

Government accused of manipulating information

The 1,400 professionals from France's cultural milieu accuse the government of deceiving the people.

"We see the strings that are being pulled to make the gilets jaunes appear as anti-ecologists, extremists, racists and vandals."

The cultural professionals refuse to be blinded by this "manoeuvre".

"This is not the reality, even if mainstream media and government spokesmen want us to believe otherwise."

Police repression condemned

The declaration is particularly harsh against the government's security measures and police "repression" that "becomes stricter every week".

"Nothing justifies a battery of so-called laws against vandalism, which eventually end up violating our fundamental rights."

France's cultural professionals vow to continue their support for the movement.

"Our outrage will not cease - it will strengthen. We will get together more, and more often."