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The day France's liberation hero Charles de Gaulle resigned

French President De Gaulle, 78, casts his vote in a constitutional referendum on 27 April 1969 in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises. Day after, De Gaulle resigned after the defeat of his referendum proposal for senate and regional reforms. AFP

Fifty years ago, French liberation-hero-turned-president Charles de Gaulle stepped down after losing a crucial vote. Here's a look at the events that led up to his resignation half a century ago.

On 27 April 1969, De Gaulle asked the French to vote on a long-awaited bill which would set up new regions in France and renew the Senate.

A few days earlier, as a peace gesture, he had announced he would quit if he lost the vote.

The French rejected the bill by a majority of 52.41%.

The next day, De Gaulle resigned, as he had promised.

Here are some key events leading up to De Gaulle's resignation.

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