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Podcast: Rebuilding Notre Dame gets political, French presidential powers, and village politics

By Sarah Elzas, Alison Hird, Michael Fitzpatrick, Rosslyn Hyams

This week we look at democracy in France: a conversation about the power of the French presidency and how French people trust their mayors more than other politicians. We meet a local councillor in a small village, who talks about his role on the very basic levels of French representative democracy. Also, Notre Dame's reconstruction has become political. And a new public debate - over what to do about nuclear waste. Plus, we go to the movies.

In this episode:

- J'Veux du soleil, film by Francois Ruffin (@francois_ruffin), MP and journalist

- Vincent Martigny (@vincentmartigny), assistant professor of politics, Ecole polytechnique

- Donogh O'Brien, local councillor, village of Saint-Outrille


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