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New report reveals a sharp rise in burglaries in France

Protests in France to reduce sexual violence against women, November 24 2018. AFP/Boris Horvat

The report published by the ONDRP (a body studying delinquency and legal response) shows that although the number of car thefts have gone down and credit card fraud has stabilized, there are other statistics which have gone up. In particular, theft without violence (pickpockets for example), physical violence and sexual violence.

Looking at figures from mainland France in 2017, there were 1,096,000 cases of theft without violence for example. This compared to 210,000 thefts with assault or threats.

There were 672,000 incidents of physical attacks outside the home reported, while domestic violence was 375,000.

The report points to a huge increase in 2017 of break-ins. 569,000 home owners reported a break-in or an attempted break-in last year, 21 percent higher than 2016, which stood at 470,000.

The analysis shows that the Paris region and large towns with more than 100,000 residents were most affected by these types of crimes.

Biggest rise in burglaries

The percentage of failed break and enter robberies however is stable at 49 percent.

This means that in half the cases, the thieves were not successful in their robbery. In 33 percent of cases, the home owners were not present when the robbery took place.

There are also specific seasons of the year that are burglary black spots. The worst times to forget to switch on your alarm are the summer months of July and August and the Christmas build up in December.