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France Press review

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French press review 6 June 2018


French experts open Pandora's Box of bioethics reform but questions loom about the limits of the law.

We begin with reactions to the latest attempt by French bioethics experts to deal with medically-assisted procreation.

Le Parisien reports that at the heart of Tuesday's heavily-attended estates general was a politically sensitive proposal to give access to medically-assisted procreation to single women and gay couples.

Libération says that on Tuesday, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy who heads the national Ethics consultative committee, submitted a report the evolution of French thinking on the issue, their interaction with artificial intelligence, genetic tests, research on the embryo, the use of health data and euthanasia.

Le Figaro casts doubt on President Emmanuel Macron's will to reach a quick decision on the issue considering his awareness of the limits of the law on such matters.

For its part, La Croix recalls a pledge Emmanuel Macron made in an interview last year to ensure that the debate is held under an appeased atmosphere. The Catholic daily says it doesn’t expect an early cabinet decision on the issue.

Meanwhile, regarding the explosive subject of euthanasia, les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace says it expects the cabinet to unveil a new draft legislation in a matter of months.

Talking about President Macron's campaign promises, Libération says there is one for which it is ready to give the President a yellow card -- Macron's failure to honour a pledge he made during the presidential debate with Marine Le Pen to ensure that all new housing continue to respect handicap norms set under a 2005 law.

As the paper explains, parliament has just given satisfaction to the real estate lobby by bring down the proportion of housing expected to be accessible to handicap persons to just 10 percent.

And L'Humanite continues fuming about President Macron's decision to inviteIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Paris.

Netanyahu’s trip to the Elysée, comes as relations between Israel and the European Union show signs of strain over the killing of 123 Palestinian protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces since March.

The Communist daily says it will not hold back from declaring Netanyahu an assassin who denies Palestinians their basic human rights. According to l'Humanité, this is why the Israeli Prime Minister is not welcome to France.

The paper says that the "bloody" red carpet rolled out for him by Macron will leave an indelible stain on his Presidency.