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Paris-based radio connects refugees

By Alison Hird

Stalingrad Connection is a community led radio project in Paris making radio with, and for, refugees. It gives a voice to the thousands of asylum-seekers in the French capital, sharing practical information and experiences. As the radio marks its first anniversary, volunteers Mohamed, Hassan and Alice talk to RFI.

Stalingrad Connection was set up a year ago after the evacuation of makeshift camps near the northern port of Calais drove many asylum-seekers to the capital.

"The situation in Paris was really violent," says project cofounder Alice. "We were really shocked and wondered what we could do. As we were making radio, we thought 'Let's have a radio'."

The volunteer-led project is open to all refugees and migrants and currently has Sudanese and Afghan volunteers on board. It broadcasts weekly in English, Dari, Arabic and French on FPP, 106.3 FM.

Listen to the programmes live or on podcasts.

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Sudanese refugee Mohamed Nour Wana (r.) reads his poems at La Générale, Paris, to mark the first anniversary of Stalingrad Connection RFI/HIRD

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