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France Press review

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French press review 21 November 2017


Political developments in Germany dominate today's French newspapers.

Le Monde dedicates two pages to the political developments in Germany.

Under the headline, 'A Chancellor on suspension', it states that though this isn’t Angela Merkel’s first political storm, it’s an unprecedented situation she finds herself in.

It adds that the failure to form a government could result in Merkel’s exit after twelve years in power.

And in case of a new election, the far-right party AfD, which just entered the Bundestag, could add to their success.

However the German Chancellor has a hope, as according to the daily, there is no strong candidate to take over.

Under the headline Europe fears power vacuum in Berlin, another article states that the absence of a German government delay EU stimulus plans.

The revival of the scale of the European project ranging from defence to the consolidation of the euro zone could take a back seat.

This revival is considered essential to revitalise the EU which is undermined by Brexit and other crises.

But, the article contends, it may wait a little longer, or even be seriously compromised.

That’s because experts in Brussels and Paris believe the window of opportunity to put these structuring projects on the track is possible only in the first six months of 2018.

Liberation too leads with the unfolding political situation in Germany.

Headlined 'The Chancellor Struggles' the main report states that once thought irremovable, Merkel failed to form a coalition resulting which fresh elections now seem inevitable.

The paper also carries a four page special with articles and photographs chronicling the story of the notorious killer Charles Manson who died on Sunday.