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French weekly magazines review 19 March 2017


Artificial intelligence and rising star Emmanuel Macron feature in this week's weeklies. And one notes that politicians seem to have cooled off on global warming in the French presidential campaign.

Le Point’s cover story this week is on artificial intelligence (AI).

Stanford University started a study - The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence - in 2014. It is supposed to go on for a century and will try to anticipate how AI will affect every aspect of our lives including politics, jobs, healthcare and privacy.

The elaborate article also gives an outline of the evolution of AI and the organisations involved in research and its use in self-driven cars.

The piece also makes an interesting comparison between costs per hour of a human and a robot from 1990 till now.

Macron v Fillon

Le Point’s editorial is headed "Can Fillon dethrone Macron?"

It spells out the reasons behind presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s popularity, with his centrist ideology being the most important.

It states that François Fillon has shown lot of resilience despite the flak he has received following the fake jobs scandal.

Climate change indifference

L’Obs carries an interview with French philosopher Bruno Latour on the lack of interest shown by the influential class in climate-related issues.

The subject of climate is largely absent in the French presidential campaign of the three top contenders. The interview touches upon various subjects including globalisation and analysis of Brexit in its context.