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French press review 5 January 2015


French dailies have chosen to speak about President François Hollande's new strategy for 2015, the Paris conference on climate change next December and about an interesting theory linking politicians' behaviours to their relationship with their fathers...

According to Libération, this morning’s interview from François Hollande to the radio France Inter is part of the president’s 2015 strategy.

You already know that since he was elected in 2012 Hollande has become the French head of state with the lowest-ever approval ratings. But over the past few months things have improved a bit, the left-leaning newspaper explains. Twenty five percent of the French have a positive opinion of the president, a 5 point rise in just a month.

According to Libé the rise is due to the fact that François Hollande is increasingly perceived as being close to the French. That's why he is answering listeners' questions on France-Inter this morning.

Le Figaro is talking about fathers this morning.

The newspaper interviewed Emilie Lanez, a journalist and author of a book called "Even the politicians have a Dad". Lanez links the will for politicians to do politics with the fact that they had either an absent or overwhelming present father during their childhood.

She says that since authority was such a big part of their upbringing it’s not a surprise that most politicians chose a career where they will be in a position of authority.

For example François Hollande's political views are in complete contradiction with his father's. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy also had a terrible relationship with his dad, Lanez explains. Sarkozy even said "I never needed anything... apart from a father".

There is something I found interesting about that interview. Even if Emilie Lanez speaks about politicians from both genders she links their envy to their dad. The mothers according to her "were loving, protective and admiring". That's one line; in a page long article. As if politics were still the boys' club it used to be.

France will host this year the Paris Climate conference (COP 21) but according to L'Humanité that does not mean François Hollande is an environmentalist.

The French president and the government have been quite vocal in defending the environment in the past few months. But the president is what the daily calls "a fresh convert" - just a few years ago he was in favour of the exploitation of shale gas.

For the communist daily Hollande's policies aren't green at all. For example, the new Macron Bill wants to develop travel by bus as well as to encourage exportation of nuclear power plants.

L'Huma also regrets that the government chose to back TAFTA, the treaty between the US and the European Union. According to the daily, this new deal will block any chance of a transition to a post-fuel society in Europe.