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Ignoring internet puts you out of business, study shows

El deficit comercial franc├ęs aument├│ en junio de casi 6.000 millones de euros por una neta baja en las exportaciones. D.R.

Eight  out of 10 companies that went bankrupt in 2013 in France had little or no  presence on the internet or social networks, a study showed this week.

The study was conducted by Email-Brokers, a Belgian company which provide business-to-business databases.

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"Eighty-one per cent of the companies which went into bankruptcy in 2013 merely forgot to focus on the internet," said William Van de Niel, founder of Email-Brokers, the Belgian company that conducted the study. "Internet is the key when it comes to boosting a business and helping it survive."

The Belgian company, which specialises in data basis, analysed more than two and a half million companies active in France.

In the last 12 months a record 43,981 companies were forced into bankruptcy, according to credit insurer Coface, two per cent more than in 2009, the year of the economic slump.

French companies' presence on social networks rose from 4.2 per cent to 16 per cent but they are still behind countries such as Spain, Sweden or Belgium, where companies' presence has gone up from 500-900 per cent.