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France Weather Brittany Floods Wind

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High tide raises fears of more flooding in Brittany

Brittany has weathered high tides and flooding since before Christmas REUTERS/Mal Langsdon

Parts of France’s western region of Brittany will remain on red alert until Saturday at the earliest after high tides flooded coastal streets and washed through riverside towns.

The official weather service Météo France issued the highest-level alert yesterday in Finistère while much of the rest of Brittany had its orange alert lifted along with Loire-Atlantique.

A high tide expected for Friday evening could cause more flooding in the region that has already seen residents this week sand-bagging their homes to try and prevent water damage.

Qumperlé saw the heaviest flooding while the neighbouring towns of Morlaix, Quimper Chateaulin and Landerneau were also hit.

Around 50 homes and businesses were affected this morning by water levels that reached up to 1.5 metres, according to media reports.

On Wednesday, a woman in her 50s was killed in Morbihan when strong winds uprooted a tree and fell on a car she was riding in.