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France's nuclear companies feel the heat

By Jan van der Made

As a result of the nuclear disaster in Japan, where nuclear reactors in the Fukushima plant are overheating, French nuclear energy outlets are facing trouble as well. Nuclear companies Energie de France and Areva sell a substantial amount of their material to Japan.

As a result of the disaster, EDF shares fell 5.28 per cent, and Areva shares 9.61 per cent. Areva decided, last Wednesday, to stop a shipment of combustible Mox, a mix of uranium and plutonium, to Japan.

It had been due to be shipped from La Hague in northern France. Recently, the Mox-mix of uranium and plutonium has become the subject of controversy, as it consists partly of recycled weapon grade plutonium, and raises fears of increased proliferations of nuclear material.

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