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Majority of French people surveyed want Yellow Vest protests to stop - poll

A protester waves a French flag as a firefighter puts out a burning car tagged "ISF" (fortune tax) during a demonstration in Paris on February 9, 2019, as the Yellow Vests protesters take to the streets for the 13th consecutive Saturday, Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP

A majority of French people (52 percent, +15) believes that the Yellow Vests "must now stop their movement and their actions (demonstrations, blockages etc.)," ​​according to an Ifop survey for the weekly Journal du Dimanche published Sunday.

Thirty-seven percent thought the same a month earlier.

However, 38 percent believe that Yellow Vest must continue their movement and their actions down 14 percent.

The findings dovetail with a poll published last Wednesday from ELAPE that also found that  56 percent of French people want the protests to stop

Those who most wish the movement to continue are supporters of hard left party France Unbowed (69 percent) and supporters of the far-right National Rally (72 percent). The majority of those that support ongoing actions are workers (62 percent).

In total, 50 percent of French say they support or have sympathy for the movement, but only 11 percent describe themselves Yellow Vests).

Those who support the movement decreased from 29 to 24 percent, while those who say they have sympathy for is steady at 26 percent.

Conversely, the French who say they are opposed to this movement increased by one point (18 percent) and those who are hostile by 4 points (16 percent). Sixteen percent are indifferent.

The survey was conducted online from February 13 to 14 with a sample of 1,012 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over.