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Renault to recall 15,000 cars to check engines

Renault cars parked outside an automobile plant in Aubergenville, France, 17 January 2016 Reuters/Jacky Naegelen

The French carmaker Renault is to recall 15,000 new vehicles to check  the engine, the government said on Tuesday. Renault has been in the spotlight after a government-appointed commission found its emission levels exceeded anti-pollution norms in some of its cars.

“Renault has committed to recalling 15,000 cars to check and adjust them correctly so that the filtration system works in all temperatures," Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal said on Tuesday.

This after a government-appointed commission tested eight foreign and French brands recently.

The commission found that carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions were too high in a number of brands.

Renault  has pledged to cut the emmission levels on Monday but insisted that the company was not cheating.

“We are not using any software or other fraudulent methods,” said Renault sales director Thierry Koskas.

“In test conditions, we respect emissions norms. But when we are no longer in test conditions, there is indeed a difference between real conditions and control conditions, that is a fact,” Koskas added.

New cars must meet the norms and the adjustment could be quickly done,” Royal said, in an interveiw non RTL radio earlier today.

She added that other carmakers found to exceed the norms have agreed to appear before the commission, although she declined to name them.