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All about Yves, My Polish Honeymoon and Zombi Child

By Rosslyn Hyams

In this month's Cinefile podcast, RFi's Rosslyn Hyams speaks to film makers Bertrand Bonello and Benoit Forgeard and actress Judith Chemla about their latest films released in June in France. Click on the photo above. Quick-fix reviews below.

Zombi Child by Betrand Bonello

Essentially a teen movie around a Franco-Haitian story, told as a zombie story, based on the possible zombie case of real-life Clairvius Narcisse. From an educational point of view it has a lot to offer. It carries a pre school-holiday warning about summer love, and slips in valuable, not chicken, nuggets of Napoleonic French history.

Fanny played by Louise Labeque goes into a trance in Bertrand Bonello's 'Zombi Child' Le Pacte Distribution

However, interesting as it is to discover little talked-about French elite institutions, and popular as zombie films are at present, Bonello's film misses the mark and Zombi Child lacks the suspense and boldness of his previous youth hit, Nocturama (2016).

All about Yves by Benoît Forgeard

Can a fridge fall in love? Become a new-age matchmaker? Could a fridge take over our lives? Yves is a smart looking and sounding fridge-freezer programmed to improve eating habits.

Doria Tillier plays So, a saleswoman inamoured of an AI fridge in 'All About Yves', directred by Benoît Forgeard, 2019 Ecce Films

The machine is imposed on a sausage-consuming rapper who has moved into his granny's home to write a star-quality composition. A gimmicky rom-com à la française, like chocolate and hazelnut paste spread over a hot contemporary topic. Love it or hate it. It's entertaining.

My Polish Honeymoon by Elise Otzenberger

A young Jewish mother reluctantly leaves their baby in Paris with grandparents to spend a few romantic few days in Poland with her child's father. Poland, not Venice because Anna's husband has been invited to attend a commemorative ceremony in his grandfather's home village, in Poland.

Rooted in Poland or Paris, a secular Jewish family's history raises existential questions in 'My Polish Honeymoon' starring Brigitte Roän (L), Judith Chemla (3rdL) and Arthur Igual (R) Rectangle Films 2018

Anna leaps at the chance like Bambi. Otzenberger mixes comedy and gravity, fact and fiction, to vehicle a personal story, tied to the historical tragedy and horror of the World War Two attempt at genocide in Europe. Should the search for roots become so important when it means uncovering dead-ends, disappointments and a scarred present?


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