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Wilting Point explores the ‘human’ and 'dehumanised' through photographs

William Daniels Wilting Point explores the ‘human’ and 'dehumanised' through photographs. Taken in Myanmar in 2017. Press issue/ William Daniels copyright

‘Wilting Point’ is an exhibition which spans the work of French photo-reporter William Daniels’ since 2007 in about 60 images.

His work which has been widely published in magazines like National Geographic, is from more than ten years of travels to former Soviet territories Kirghizstan, Siberia, Kashmir, the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

William Daniels Wilting Point exhibition

The exhibition Wilting Point begins in a big, bright white room where most of the pictures are monochromatic. From one room to the other, the light dims, the colour contrast reverses.

Up in the attic, in an atmosphere bordering on spiritual, allowing for more peaceful contemplation, Daniels counterbalances human and dehumanised, bathed in darkness, light and colour.

On show at Carré Baudoin in Paris till 11 April and from 18 April till 11 June 2019 at Vieille Eglise de Mérignac, near Bordeaux.