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Thomas Vahle, Congopunq and Cae: French-based musicians explore unchartered territory

By Daniel Brown

World Tracks meets three artists who mix their American, Syrian and Haitian roots with sounds they’ve picked up all over the place. Flute-player Thomas Vahle, percussion wizard Cyril Atef and singer Cae are hugely talented purists who deserve their moment in the sunshine. And it could start here ...

Album choices for January-February 2011

1) Portrait, Maria Volonté (Network), Argentina. 
2) Mali Latino, Madou Sidiki Diabaté, Ahmed Fofana, Alex Wilson (Alex Wilson Records), various. 
3) Homenagem ao Maestro Moacir Santos, Projeto Coisa Fina Band (Elefantes, etc), Brazil. 
4) Sos, Mercedes Peon (Folmusica), Spain. 
5) Dogon Blues, Sorry Bamba (Universal Music), Mali. 
6) Debademba, Abdoulaye Traore and Mohammed Diaby (Naive), Burkina Faso/Côte d’Ivoire. 
7) Caravana, Joaquin Ruiz (Jacques Ruiz Gómez), Spain. 
8) Salto Mortal, Dolores Sola (Ojo !), Argentina. 
9) Love and Projects, Latrama (Pharmatunes), Spain. 
10) Radio Babel, Watcha Clan (Piranha), France. 


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