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Exclusive: Why Afghanistan lawmakers want more US troops

By Jan van der Made

This week the US Department of Defense released a report on Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan, a week after President Donald Trump set the number of US troops deployed in the country at 8400, down from 9600 in 2016.

Last Sunday, a suicide attack on a police headquarters, claimed by the Taliban, killed at least twenty people and at the end of May a massive suicide attack in the diplomatic quarters of Kabul cost the lives to over 150 people, wounding many more.

Smaller attacks take place on a near daily basis,leading many lawmakers to believe that more US support is necessary.

In an exclusive interview, RFI talked to the vice president of the Afghanistan parliament, Fawzia Koofi, after US authorities indicated that the Pentagon may increase troop numbers by as many as 4000 soldiers and advisors.

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