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Franco-Chinese cinema coproduction picks up steam

By Rosslyn Hyams

In this week's Spotlight on Asia, RFI's Rosslyn Hyams tries to find out who has benefited from France and China's six-year picture coproduction deal.

For the first year for a long time a Chinese contender was missing from Cannes Film Festival competition in 2016.

Chinese film director Jia Zhang-ke was attending as the mentor for rising filmmakers at the Cinémas Du Monde workshop.

His 2013 film, A Touch of Sin, won the Palm at Cannes for the best screenplay.

His Mountains May Depart premièred at Cannes in 2015.

Jia's social-realism and Chen Kai-ge or Zhang Yi-mou's costume dramas have been appreciated by a few generations now in France.

French films are gaining popularity in China as the bigger film producing countries work to increase their share of the huge Chinese box office.

France has bilateral film production agreements with about 50 countries and China, is one of them.

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