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Bicycles start to change their image in Asian urban transport choices

By Rosslyn Hyams

Bicycles are no longer looked down upon for being old fashioned, too slow or even too cheap, or else only for sports freaks with big calves and lycra gear. More and more people are investing in cycles as cities improve their bike-friendly policies as an integrated part of urban planning in many parts of the world.

In Asia, millions of people who still use cycles are often breathing the polluted air of SUVs. However, cycles are starting to regain popularity.

The Velocity Convention held in Nantes, in France in June 2015, is to be held in Taiwan in 2016, home to one of the biggest names in cycles, Giant. It's the first time the event will take place in an Asian country.

RFI meets people who work to promote cycling as a cleaner and all-round more healthy transport option en ville who insist that bicycles are making a necessary comeback.

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