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Moscow suicide bombing suspects 'destroyed'


Three suspects accused of organising the suicide bombing in the Russian metro were killed by Russian security forces after resisting arrest, according to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)."Unfortunately we were not able to detain them alive," said Alexander Bortnikov, the head of FSB. "They offered armed resistance and were destroyed."

No additional information was given as to when the the suspects were apprehended or when this occurred.

Bortnikov said last month that all the bombing suspects had been identified, but he did not name them.

On 29 March Mariam Sharipova, 27, and Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, 17, two female suicide bombers from Dagestan, struck the Moscow metro, killing 40 people.

An Islamist group led by Chechen rebel Doku Umarov claimed responsibility for the attacks.