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Joseph Kabila Democratic Republic of Congo Democracy Elections

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Democratic Republic of Congo turns the page on Kabila era

Joseph Kabila clings onto power after second term expires at the end of 2016 JUNIOR D.KANNAH / AFP

The surprise presidential victory of Felix Tshisekedi turns the page on more than two decades of Kabila rule in Democratic Republic of Congo. It's a legacy that began in a tumultuous fashion with the assassination of Joseph's father Laurent in 2001, which propelled the then 29-year-old to the gates of power. We look back at the legacy of Joseph Kabila.

'Congo under Joseph Kabila was the same as it was under Mobutu', says Kris Berwouts, author ofCongo's Violent Peace. 

Listen to his full interview

And for a look back at Kabila's legacy, check out our interactive slideshow on the link below.

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