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Refunite, the technology that reunites refugee families

By Clea Broadhurst

This week, African Media looks at an online technology, Refunite, that helps migrants and refugees to locate their loved ones, wherever they are. But first we go to Morocco, where a TV show sparked outrage on a lot of social media this week.

In the first part of our magazine, Rothna Begum from the Women's Rights in North Africa for Human Rights Watch, explains why a make-up video sparked outrage in Morocco.

On the morning show Sabahiyat, on Morocco’s state television, a make-up artist gave the audience some beauty tips to help them quote-unquote "carry on with daily life".

But this was no usual make-up advice: she was showing women how to cover up bruises from domestic violence.

This sequence from the show was then shared widely on social media.

In the second part of the magazine, we spoke to the founders of Refunite, brothers David and Christopher Mikkelsen.

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