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Uganda's fight against corruption

By Christina Okello

Uganda continues in a political limbo more than one month after controversial presidential elections, with the main challenger to the president, opposition leader Kizza Besigye still under house arrest. Behind Kampala’s deadlock however, are profound challenges that include anger at political corruption and a loss of faith in key institutions

Corruption deprives the Ugandan economy of 500 billion shillings each year according to the World Bank, roughly 130,000 euros.

A string of embezzlement scandals in recent years, including a 24 billion road scam last September, have prompted serious questions about Uganda’s commitment to fight corruption.

RFI’s Christina Okello travelled to Kampala before the elections to find out the cost for ordinary Ugandans.

She also investigated the measures being taken at the grassroots level to hold leaders and duty-bearers to account.

Christina was sponsored in this report by the International Women's Media Foundation as part of their Great Lakes Reporting Initiative.

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