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France stops security cooperation with Burundi, report

Burundian police with the coffin of opposition member Zedi Feruzi on 23 May AFP

France has suspended security cooperation with Burundi, according to reports. The move puts more pressure on President Pierre Nkurunziza, who has faced demonstrations and a coup attempt of his plans to stand for a third term.

French aid to Burundi's police and defence services has been suspended, a diplomatic source told the AFP news agency Tuesday.

France has been helping the Burundian army with training for international peacekeeping missions, which bring in much-needed cash for the impoverished country's armed forces.

It also helps train the police, who have been involved in a violent crackdown on demonstrations demanding Nkurunziza quit.

The president's response to the protests and intention to stand for a third term, which his opponents argue is against the constitution, has aroused international criticism.The violence that has accompanied the protests has led to a refugee crisis.