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Expedition Kony tries crowdsourcing to track down LRA's Joseph Kony

By Daniel Finnan

A new crowdsourcing project is aiming to do what US special forces couldn't do - find the notorious leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, Joseph Kony. The Expedition Kony project is trying to raise 400,000 euros, by soliciting donations on its website so that they can track him down. Kony has evaded capture for years. He's wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity. And the US has deployed 100 military advisors to work with armies in the region to intensify the search. To discuss the Expedition Kony's chances of success and whether it is a good idea, RFI spoke to Ross Fenter, filmmaker and a member of the team.

For more information on Expedition Kony, visit their website:

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