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Opposition denies pro-Kadhafi forces recapture several Libyan towns


At least two people died in Libya Sunday and many more were injured in clashes between Moamer Kadhafi’s supporters and rebels. Thousands of Kadhafi supporters rallied in Tripoli to celebrate reported victories over the opposition.

There was gunfire in the capital as between 4,000 and 5,000 cheered reports that the opposition had been driven out of several towns that they had captured.


The authorities said the shooting was in celebration of official claims.

The rebels are reported to have encountered stiffer resistance on Sunday but many state TV claims of victories are reported to be false by journalists or opposition members.

Other developments Sunday include:

  • In Ras Lanuf two people were killed and many more, including a French photographer, injured but the oil pipeline hub was still in opposition hands;
  • Rebels have withdrawn from Bin Jawad, they told the AFP news agency, after being outgunned in clashes;
  • Rebels denied official claims that Tobruk had fallen to pro-Kadhafi forces;
  • Tanks shelled the centre of Misrata, according to residents;
  • Kadhafi told France’s Journal de Dimanche that he wanted the UN or African Union inquiry into the situation in his country and would do nothing to hinder its work;
  • Kadhafi said that three Dutch soldiers were being held after being captured during an unauthorised rescues mission.