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French artist to spend week in a prehistoric sculpture

Abraham Poincheval inside of his work Lion Man AFP

French performance artist Abraham Poincheval on Sunday stepped inside an enlarged reproduction of a paleolithic carving of a lionman where he will spend the next week. Last year Poincheval grabbed international media attention by shutting himself inside a rock in a Paris exhibition space.

With his two children watching, Poincheval shut himself inside the 3.20 metre-high carving in the garden of the Aurignac museum in south-west France.

The museum specialises in prehistory and the original work, carved from a mammoth's tusk, is the oldest anthropomorphic sculpture known today, according to its director, Joëlle Arches.

It was created by some of the first homo sapiens to live in Europe.

"This lion is a sort of mirror for the men who lived 30,000 years ago," the 45-year-old artist said.

Poincheval enters the lion-man

Poincheval's previous "journeys in capsules" include:

  • A week inside a rock at Paris's Palais de Tokyo in 2017;

  • A week in a hole under rock weighing one tonne, also in 2017;

  • A week on a suspended platform near Paris's Gare de Lyon station in 2016;

  • Two weeks inside a stuffed bear in 2015;

  • A trip up the River Rhône in a six-metre-long bottle in 2015.