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Air France predicts few cancellations on 3 May strike day

Air France employees demonstrate outside the Charles-de-Gaulle airport in February REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Air France said it would be flying 85 percent of its flights on Thursday, the second day of the 12th episode of rolling strikes in favour of a pay rise.

Basing itself on employees' declaration of their intentions, which are now mandatory under French law, the company said that 18.8 percent of pilots, 18 percent of cabin crew personnel and 10 percent of groundstaff will be on strike on Thursday 3 April.

That would enable 78 percent of long-haul flights to operate, along with 80 percent of mediaum-haul and 90 percent of short-haul flights, it said.

Unions have called strikes on blocks of two days.

Previous days have seen 25-30 percent of flights cancelled.

Unions have called for a six percent pay rise.

Management has organised a vote of all employees on its proposal of a two percent rise in 2018, to be followed by five percent spread oveer the following three years.

Half of TGV high-speed and Paris regional trains were expected to be cancelled because of a rail workers' strike on Thursday, the SNCF rail company announced.