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Asylum seekers in France increasingly 'Dublined', deported to other EU countries

By Sarah Elzas

Immigration lawyers in the northern French city of Lille are overwhelmed with France's enforcing Dublin removals. The Dublin regulation is the European law that determines which country should examine a particular asylum claim, and the prefecture in Lille is one of two in France that has been given more resources to process Dublin removals.

France has started imposing the law more consistently and deporting people in order to avoid hearing asylum claims, say lawyers and asylum rights advocates.

The prefecture says it is just being more efficient.

(Click on the photo to listen to the report)

In this report:
- Julie Gommeaux, immigration lawyer in Lille
- Eve Thieffry, immigration lawyer and president of the immigration commission for the Lille bar’s governing board
- Christophe Debeyer, director of immigration and integration for prefecture of
the Northern France
(Nord) department
- Gerard Sadik, asylum coordinator for the Cimade, asylum-rights organisation


For more on this subject, listen to this report on residents in Lille opening their homes to refugees.



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