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Calais Migration France Murder

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Migrant stabbed to death in Calais

Food distribution to migrants on the outskirts of Paris on 9 March AFP

A young migrant, probably of Afghan nationality, was stabbed to death in the French Channel port of Calais on Saturday.

Police found the 25-year-old was dead on a street near the town's hospital and the A16 motorway after being called to the scene.

Charities distribute meals and clothes in the area but officials said there was no apparent connection to their work.

Police patrols were stepped up after the death, although there was no sign of a rise in tension.

There are between 300 and 600 migrants in the Calais area, trying to reach Britain via ferries or through the Channel tunnel.

The "Jungle" migrants' camp was cleared in 2016.

In February 18 people were injured, five of them shot, in clashes between African and Afghan migrants.

On 9 January a migrant was found dead near the A16.

Eight migrants died in the area in 2017, 14 in 2016 and 18 in 2015.